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2nd and 3rd Generation: Children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors

Anne Frank


Armenian Genocide

Art of the Holocaust and Genocide: Including Exhibitions

Asian Genocide

Assyrian Genocide (Seyfo)

Babi Yar Killing Site, Ukraine

Barmen Declaration.


Cambodian Genocide

Cartoons, World War II

Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski

The Churches, Nazism, and the Holocaust: Unresolved Debates

Concentration Camps

Corporations and the Holocaust

Crimes Against Humanity

Darfur Genocide

Deaf in Nazi Germany

Death Camps

Degenerate Music/"Entartete Musik"


Discussion Lists/Online Forum.

Displaced Persons From WWII.

Educational Centers/Archives.

Elie Wiesel.

Films Relating to the Holocaust/Nazi, anti-Semitic, Propaganda

Freemasonry and the Holocaust.

Gas Vans


Genocide Convention

Genocide in East Timor

Genocide in Former Yugoslavia

Glossary of Terms

Greek (Pontic Greek) / Hellenic Genocide

Herero Genocide in Namibia 1904.

Hidden Children of the Holocaust.

History of Nazi Germany.

Hitler and the Jews.

Holocaust: Allied Response and Failed Rescue.

Holocaust Bibliography.

Holocaust Denial.

Holocaust: Destruction of Jews in Europe.

Holocaust - Film.

Holocaust and Austria.

Holocaust in Croatia: Ustashe against Serbs, Jews, Roma

Holocaust and Denmark.

Holocaust and France.

Holocaust and Italy.

Holocaust in Greece.

Holocaust in Hungary.

Holocaust in Norway.

Holocaust in Romania/Transnistria/Moldavia/Moldova

Holocaust and the Humanities.

Holocaust History.

Holocaust - German Language Sources.

Holocaust - Jewish Police and Judenrate.

Holocaust Literature.

Holocaust Numismatics by Joel J. Forman - Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Holocaust and Medicine.

Holocaust on Territory of the Soviet Union.

Holocaust: Postmodern Analysis.

Holocaust: Survivors and Witnesses.

Holocaust survivors: mental health.

Homosexuals - Other Victims of the Third Reich.

Human Rights.

Ilse Koch: The Bitch of Buchenwald.

Irish Famine of the 19th Century.

Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes experiment.

Japan's Unit 731.

Japanese American Internment.

Japanese War Crimes: Comfort Women.

Janusz Korczak, Head of Orphanages in Warsaw Ghetto.

Jehovah's Witnesses and the Holocaust.

Jewish History.

Jewish Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust: A Neglected Subject

Jewish Resistance and Armed Uprisings.

Josef Mengele.

Journalism and the Holocaust and Genocide.


Kristallnacht - November 9/10, 1938.

Law and Holocaust.

Legal Issues About the Holocaust: Including Assets, Restitution, Insurance Claims.

Looted Art and Art Restitution.

The Lost Von Braun

Martin Luther and the Jews.

Maxilmillian Kolbe: Polish Priest Victim of Nazism.

Memoirs of Genocide Victims.

Minnesota Organizations Promoting Human Rights.

Monuments or Memorials.


Music and the Holocaust.

Muslims in Europe and  Arabs During the Holocaust.


Nanking (Nanjing) Massacres.

Native American Genocide.

Nazi Germany and The Corporations.

Nazi Germany in Ruins, including Nazi memorials before 1945

Nazism and Women.

Nazi Propaganda.

Nuremberg Law - Germany.

Nuremberg Trials.

Oskar Shindler.

Poetry about the Holocaust.

Pre-war East European Jewish Life.

Primo Levi.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The Most Notorious Anti-Semitic Document.

Raoul Wallenberg

Raphael Lemkin.

Related Organizations.

Religious resistance to Nazism: Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Rescue of the Jews of Denmark.

Rescue of Jews in Le Chambon Sur Lignon, France.

Rescuers: Diplomatic, Communal, Individual.

Research Institutions.

Responses To Holocaust Denial.

Rhineland Bastards - Nazi Persecution of Afro-Germans.

Roma (Gypsies).

Rosenstrasse Protest in Berlin, 1943.

Rudolf Kastner and Hungarian Jewry.


Samantha Power's analysis of Genocide.

Sister Rose's Passion: Interfaith Dialogue on the Holocaust.

Shanghai Ghetto.

Stiftungen, Organisationen, Arbeitsgruppen.

Swastika: Ancient Symbol of Good Luck Corrupted by the Nazis.

Sweden and the Holocaust

Switzerland and the Holocaust.

T-4 Program/Euthanasia.

Teacher's Guide and Curriculum.

Timeline of Final Solution.

Trial of Adolf Eichmann.

Ukraine Famine and Genocide: 1929-1935.

United States Holocaust Commission.

Victims of Stalin in Eastern Poland.

Video Collections of Holocaust Survivors.

Versailles Treaty, 1919.

Voyage of the SS St Louis.

Vrba-Wetzler Report.

Wannsee Conference.

War Criminals.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Women and the Holocaust.

ZEGOTA - Polish Council for Aid to Jews.

Zyklon B/Prussic Acid Gas used at Auschwitz and Maidanek .