University of Minnesota
Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies


Theological Reflection on the Holocaust

  • Barth, MarcusIsrael and the Church
  • Baum, GregoryIs the New Testament Anti-Semitic?
  • Bea, Augustin CardinalThe Church and the Jewish People
  • Berdayaev, NicholasChristianity and Anti-Semitism
  • Bokser, Ben sionJudaism and the Christian Predicament
  • Berkovits, EliezerFaith After the Holocaust
  • Cohen, Arthur A.Arguments and Doctrines: A Reader of Jewish Thinking in the Aftermath of hate Holocaust,  The Myth of the Judeo-Christian Tradition,  The Tremendum
  • Danielou, Jean and Andre ChouraquiThe Jews: Views and Counterviews
  • Davies, AlanAnti-Semitism and the Christian Mind
  • Eckardt, A. RoyElder and Younger Brothers, Your People, My People
  • Fackenheim, Emil L.God's Presence in History: Jewish Affirmations and Philosophical Reflections, Quest for Past and Future,  The Human Condition After Auschwitz
  • Fleischner, Eva, ed..  Auschwitz: Beginning of a New Era
  • Friedlander, Albert Out of the Whirlwind
  • Heer, FriedrichGod's First Love
  • Littell, FranklinThe Crucifixion of the Jews
  • Maritain, JacquesRedeeming the Time
  • McGarry, Michael B.. Christology After Auschwitz
  • Maybaum, Ignaz.   The Face of God After Auschwitz
  • Oesterreicher, John, ed..   The Bridge (Multi-volumed work still in progress),  The Rediscovery of Judaism
  • Rubenstein, Richard . After Auschwitz: Radical Theology and Contemporary Judaism
  • Rubenstein, Richard . The Cunning of History
  • Ruether, RosemaryFaith and Fratricide
  • Schoeps, Hans JoachimThe Jewish-Christian Argument
  • Simon, UlrichA Theology of Auschwitz
  • Van Buren, PaulDiscerning the Way