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  • Children's Books About the Holocaust : Non-Fiction


    Abells, Chana Byers The Children We Remember
    Greenwillow 1986
    Simple language and graphic photographs from the archives of Yad Vashem outline the story of the Holocaust. While the words can be understood by a second grader, the pictures are more appropriate for those in the 6th grade, at least.
    Grade: 06-AD D 8 10 J4 A23

    Altshuler, David A. Hitler's War Against The Jews
    Behrman House 1978
    Documents, quotations and photographs complement the text of this adaptation for young readers of Lucy Dawidowicz's THE WAR AGAINST THE JEWS.
    Grade:06-09 D810.J4A475

    Bachrach, Susan D. Tell Them We Remember; The Story Of The Holocaust
    Little, Brown & Co. 1994
    Photographs and text tell the story of the Holocaust from pre-Hitler days until liberation, the Nuremberg trials and emigration. Also includes a chronology, bibliography, and glossary.
    Grade: 05-08 D804.3 .B25

    Beller, Ilex Life in The Shtetl; Scenes and Recollection
    Holmes and Meier 1986
    Reproductions of paintings illustrate Jewish village life before the Nazi onslaught.  Recollections and poetry embellish the pictures.
    Grade: 05-AD ND955 .p63 .b4513

    Bitton-Jackson, Livia I Have Lived A Thousand Years; Growing Up In The Holocaust
    Simon & Schuster 1997
    Thirteen-year-old Elli describes the cruelty and horror that begins with the ascent of the Arrow Cross and intensifies under the Nazi invasion of Hungary. As she and her family persevere, their hope and love give them the strength to survive.
    Grade: 08-12 DS135.H93J33

    Chaikin, Miriam A Nightmare In History; The Holocaust 1933-1945
    Clarion 1987
    Beginning with its roots in anti-Semitism and concluding with post-war responses, this well-written and illustrated history of the Holocaust describes the individuals and nations involved, and raises and answers some vital questions.
    Grade: 06-09 D810 14 C455

    Heyes, Eileen The Hitler Youth
    Millbrook Press 1993
    This look inside Nazi Germany describes the goals and methods of indoctrination used to mold German youth into the killing machines they became.
    Grade: 06-09 DD 253.5 H48

    Jewish Publication Society We Are Children Just The Same
    Jewish Publication Society 1995
    These excerpts from "Vedem, The Secret Magazine by the Boys of Terezin," depict the courage, humor, and despair of Terezin's young people as they awaited the end of their ordeal.
    Grade: 09-AD D805 .C9 J413

    Landau, Elaine The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
    New Discovery Books 1992
    The Jews confined in the Warsaw Ghetto surprise the Nazis and then the world with their courageous last stand against the brutal enemy.
    Grade:07-10 DS135 .P62 W285

    McCann, Michelle R. Luba, The Angel of Bergen-Belsen
    Tricycle Press October 2003
    As told to Michelle R. McCann* by Luba Tryszynska-Frederick, Ann Marshall (illustrator) The amazing true story of Luba Tryszynska, who saved 54 children inside the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II. $16.95 hardcover (It should be noted that this story of defying the Nazis is not typical of the Bergen-Belsen experience and is considered a problem by some scholars as it can be used to undercut other stories of a more brutal nature. Teachers using this are reminded that Anne and Margot Frank died at Bergen-Belsen.)

    Meltzer, Milton Never To Forget; The Jews Of The Holocaust
    Harper & Row 1976
    Individual Jews' experiences in death camps and ghettos are mingled with the author's narrative describing Hitler's rise, Nazi brutality and murder, and the anti-Semitism that fueled the machinery of death.
    Grade: 08-12 D810.J4M389

    Meltzer, Milton Rescue; The Story Of How Gentiles Saved Jews In The Holocaust
    Harper & Row 1988
    Varied accounts of escape come together in this inspiring collection, which details the rescue efforts of individuals, whole villages, and even some nations, attesting to the decency and courage of many "righteous gentiles."
    Grade: 07-10 D81O .J4 M3893

    Rossel, Seymour The Holocaust; The World And The Jews, 1933-1945
    Behrman House 1992
    Photographs, writings and other historical sources document the Holocaust, the event that changed the history of the Jews and of the world. The author presents issues, questions, and evidence in an effort to promote understanding of its impact.
    Grade: 08-12 D804.3 .A673

    Rossel, Seymour The Holocaust; The Fire that Raged
    Franklin Watts 1989
    Photographs and maps help readers visualize the events of the Holocaust, its historical background, and its aftermath. A bibliography and chronology supplement the text.
    Grade: 06-09 D804.3 R67

    Stadtler, Bea The Holocaust, A History Of Courage And Resistance, Rev. Ed.
    Behrman House 1994
    Jewish resistance to Nazi persecution took many forms, from fighting in the Warsaw Ghetto to artists' renderings of the realities of life in Theresienstadt. These and many other examples of courageous resistance are depicted here.
    Grade: 05-08 BM 105 S69

    Volavkova, Hana, Ed. I Never Saw Another Butterfly; Children's Drawings and Poems
    McGraw-Hill 1964
    Children unknowingly on their way to Auschwitz revealed their thoughts and feelings in words and pictures as they endured Nazi treatment in their "model" camp.
    Grade: 06-09 N352 .713

    Zeinert, Karen The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
    Millbrook Press 1993
    Facing the knowledge that their imminent deportation from the ghetto was to death camps, not work camps, the Jews of the ghetto planned their armed resistance. Their uprising stunned the Nazis and inspired the world with their courage.
    Grade: 06-09 DS135 .P62 W285

    Ziemian, Joseph The Cigarette Sellers Of Three Crosses Square
    Lerner Publications 1975
    A group of resourceful Jewish children flee the Warsaw ghetto and survive on the Aryan side with luck, pluck, mutual aid, and the help of kind Poles.
    Grade: 06-08 DS135 .P62 W42

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