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Art Exhibition The Metamorphosis to Freedom: by a Holocaust Survivor

Art Exhibition The Metamorphosis to Freedom: by a Holocaust Survivor

The Metamorphosis to Freedom by Dr. Robert O. Fisch
November 1-December 27, 2012
Tychman Shapiro Gallery
Minneapolis Sabes JCC
4330 S. Cedar Lake Road, Minneapolis, 55416

"Remain human-even in inhuman circumstances." Dr. Robert O. Fisch

Dr. Fisch is a retired pediatrician and visual artist as well as a Holocaust survivor. His art expresses issues of humanity that he hopes will heal the world in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

Many of his works in this exhibit are a reflection from Fisch's experiences in a Nazi concentration camp documented through eloquent paintings and moving prose. Fisch states, "The impact on all of us who survived remains in our experience. I feel that all of us who were marked by the yellow star were tattooed inside. We have a special obligation, not a privilege, in being alive. As survivors, our moral and human obligations are essential, and our standards have to be based on human principles rather than on practicalities. We who survived are not different from others; we just played a special role in a special time."

For more on the exhibition please contact the Sabes Jewish Community Center at 952-381-3400.

For more on Dr. Fisch and his artwork please visit his page on the CHGS website.