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  • Realm of Silence : Paintings and Poems

    Realm of Silence Paintings and Poems


    Terror in its Wake

    Terror in Its Wake

    Men, women, children, thousands
    Taken from their homes.
    The Warsaw ghetto sealed
    On the 16th of November,
    For 470,000
    Hunger and disease,
    Humiliation and terror.


    Deportation begins,
    Desire to resist is born.
    April 19, 1943
    The 20,000 remaining
    Stage an uprising.
    The SS burn house after house.
    A sea of flames and suffocating smoke laps the city.
    The struggle is heroic and tragic.

    Death's Journey

    Death's Journey

    Uniformed guards herd them
    Into sealed wagons.
    The journey lasts
    Days and nights
    To an unknown destination.Thirst and starvation.
    Stench of death.
    Suffocating heat.
    Freezing torment.
    Persistent rattling of trains,
    Whistles howling.
    A sudden halt . . .

    Frozen Nightmare

    Frozen Nightmare

    Triple electrified barbed wire fences
    In the bleakness of winter
    Grieving caged souls
    Cannot escape.

    Shine Forever

    Shine Forever

    From the ashes of extinction,
    We illuminate the souls,
    Pass on the light
    To future generations.

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