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  • Wolfgang Hergeth :
  • Let us not go back to Warsaw

    Let us not go back to Warsaw

    Let us not go back to Warsaw

    19.7 x 27.6 inches

    Number Eight of the Cycle

    Among the legends that have grown up in the years is that of the 12-year-old boy who played his violin as the children approached the train. It was said that one of them carried the green flag of the orphan home and that Korczak recited aloud from a story he had written years earlier after a summer holiday with children from the slums of Warsaw:

    Vielleicht kehren wir nicht zurück nach Warschau? Vielleicht stellen wir uns zu zweit auf, nehmen Fähnchen mit, singen ein lied and machen uns auf den Weg? ... In einem Dorf wird Geszel auf der Geige spielen, and sie geben uns milch ...
    Let us not go back to Warsaw. Rather take our flags with us, sing a song and go a different way . ... Once we reach a village Geszel will play his violin and they will give us milk ...

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