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  • Joseph Bau

    Joseph Bau

    Art Work

    Joseph Bau (1920-2002) was a Polish Jew from Krakow who, because of the Holocaust, wound up as one of the Jews working for Oskar Schindler. He immigrated to Israel in 1950 and spent the rest of his life as an artist there.

    Accordion and Flute Players

    Learning Barbering

    A Cello Player

    Cleaning the Spectacles

    A Coupling

    A Couple

    A Couple

    Good Neighbour


    The Jeolous Trio

    A Liontamer Eating A Lion

    Oskar Shindler


    Rich Man Disbursing Alms

    A Tailor

    A Trio With A Bird

    Dividing The Bread

    Totaling Wedding Gifts

    A Woman's Portrait

    A Woman Holding A Gosling

    A Woman In A Lifeguard Post

    Part of set of playing cards painted by Joseph Bau while is Plaszow Concentration Camp. Bau's cards reflect the memory of normal life before the war-his wife, marriage, children, holidays.

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