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  • Violette Szabo

    Violette Szabo

    Violette Szabo

    Violette Szabo
    1921 - 1945

    Violette Szabo was born on August 26, 1921, in Paris, France. She left school in 1935 to become independent, but could not find employment, In April 1940 she went to England to find work, and there she met and married Etienne Szabo. When he was transferred to Africa, she remained in England and in 1941 joined the Air Defense. On June 8, 1942 her daughter, Tania, was born. Her husband was killed in the battle of EI-Alamein. Violette joined a British Paratrooper unit (FA,N,Y) in 1943. She was sent to France, where she was apprehended by the SS. She was brought to Ravensbrück in August 1944.

    Violette was executed by firing squad along with other British agents in January 1945.

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