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  • Elise Rivet

    Elise Rivet

    Elise Rivet

    Elise Rivet
    1890 - 1945

    Elise Rivet was born on January 19,1890, in Draria, Algeria, the daughter of a French navy officer. Elise joined the convent of the medical sisters, "Notre Dame de Compassion;' in Lyon. She took her religious vows and became Mother Superior in 1933.

    She was denounced for suspicion of hiding weapons, arrested by the Gestapo, and taken to the prison at Fort Montluc in Lyon. From there she was taken to Ravensbrück on July 28,1944, She and 1500 other women were transferred to Uckermark, a location for those marked for death, in March 1945.

    Elise volunteered to go to the gas chamber in Ravensbrück in the place of a mother on March 30, 1945 (Good Friday).

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