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  • Rosa Jochmann

    Rosa Jochmann

    rosa jochmann

    Rosa Jochmann

    Rosa Jochmann was born on July 19, 1901,  in Austria. She worked as a member of  the Social Democratic Party until the Gestapo arrested her for her resistance activities in 1939.

    Rosa was taken to Ravensbrück in 1940, and became block elder of Barrack One.  In 1943, she was placed in the punishment bunker because she had "organized" food  for other prisoners.

    After the camp was liberated by the Russian Army, Rosa organized a transport to help the Austrian prisoners return home, After World War II, she was again active in the Social Democratic party and was a member of the senate for many years,

    Rosa Jochmann died on January 28, 1994.

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