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Genocide Photos

In addition to the photographs and text from the exhibit's display panels, the following sections include photographs and text that were either censored or eliminated from the exhibit due to space considerations.  The photographs do not necessarily follow the order as displayed in the exhibit. (click on image to enlarge)

Prominent Armenians were hanged in white shrouds with the sign "treason against their fatherland" around their necks, 1915. (Censored)

"They Shall Not Perish" poster (30"x40"), distributed by the American Committee For Relief in the Near East, appeals for aid for the Armenians suffering massacre and mass starvation, 1915.

Panel with reinstated massacre photos and text. "Massacres" in this heading was one of the words censored by the Ellis Island Immigration Museum Officials.

The last time six-year-old Thomas Amirian saw his mother, he was wearing this hand-woven jacket and pants. He was separated from his mother during the 1915 siege by the Turks, of the town of Shadakh, south of Lake Van.

Talaat's Order (Translation of above edict)

"September 16, 1916,  To the Government of Aleppo. It was first communicated to you that the Government, by order of the Jemiet, had decided to destroy completely all the Armenians living in Turkey ...An end must be put to their existence, however criminal the measures take may be, and no regard must be paid to either age or sex, nor to conscientious scruples."

Minister of the Interior. "Talaat"

Turkish hangmen and their victims in a public square. Professionals and intellectuals were the first to be eliminated. Aleppo, 1915 (Reinstated).

A wounded child is carried away as the bewildered mother stands by the stunned. (Reinstated).

The Futile Death March

The long lines deporting Armenians to the arid deserts of Der el Zor resulted in rapes, infant drownings, slashing of bodies, live in burials, torture, starvation and finally death.

Men separated from their wives and children are sent in opposite directions (Censored).