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Book and Video Library: L-N

Title: "Legacy"
Description: Rare sequences reveal for the first time the burning of Smyrna, Kurds living on slopes of Mount Ararat, lost Armenian communities in the Great Syrian Desert, and selected testimonies of eyewitness survivors of the Armenian Genocide now living in North America and Australia.
Film Length: 23 minutes.

Title: "les Miserables"
Description: It comes like lightning.  The Nazis overrun France for its proud people; it begins the most miserable of times.  Yet, it's not so miserable that the goodness of one man can not triumph. Drama. 1995.
Film Length: 175 minutes.

Title: "Mandate for Armenia: American Military Mission to Turkey and Armenia, 1919"
Description:  A rare documentary of an important period of history when the United States Government was considering becoming a protectorate power over the newly established Republic of Armenia and the Armenian provinces of Turkey.  President Woodrow Wilson sent Major General James G. Harbord to investigate.  General Harbord, and a distinguished American group of military, political and economic experts, journeyed from Istanbul to Adana, Sivas, Kharpert, Diarbekir, Mardin, Erzinjan, Erzeroum, Erevan and Tiflis.
Film Length:  30 minutes.

Title: "Married with a Star"
Description: On 25 May 1942 Max Werkendam and Clara de Vries married in the heart of Amsterdam 's Old Jewish Quarter. The film of their wedding was untouched for 50 years. This is the story of the ill-fated couple and their wedding guests, most of whom did not survive the Holocaust. Max died at Bergen-Belsen. Clara survived. In Dutch with English dubbing.
Film Length: 33 minutes.

Title: "Medicine in the Kovno Ghetto"
Description: Presents a clear and professional viewpoint describing the medical conditions that the patients, physicians and entire ghetto population were forced to endure. 1997.
Film Length: 24 minutes.

Title: "More than Broken Glass: Memories of Kristallnacht"
Description: Archival new footage, photographs and interviews with witnesses are woven together in a portrait of the events leading up to the infamous "night of broken glass"in 1938.
Film Length: 57 minutes
Recommended Ages: Grades 7 and up.

Title: "Music Box"
Description: In this intense courtroom thriller, Chicago attorney Ann Talbot agrees to defend her Hungarian immigrant father against accusations of heinous war crimes committed 50 years earlier.  As the trial unfolds, Ann probes for evidence that will not only establish his innocence but also lay her own doubts about his past. 
Film Length: 126 minutes

Title: "Nightmare: the Immigration of Joachim and Rachel"
Description: This film portrays Joachim and Rachel 's escape from the Warsaw Ghetto and their emigration to the United States. Young People 's Series. 
Film Length: 24 minutes.

Title: "Night and Fog"
Description: Alain Resnais 's classic film about the concentration camps. Postwar views of Auschwitz and archival footage are woven together powerfully juxtaposing images from the past (black & white) and present (color). Among the more controversial aspects of this film is the fact that Jews are not directly identified as victims of the Holocaust. French with English subtitles. 1955.
Film Length: 30 minutes.

Title: "Not Like Sheep to the Slaughter: Bialystok Ghetto"
Description: In the Summer of 1943 a small group of resistance fighters led by Mordechai Tennenbaum attempted to thwart the Nazi plan to eradicate the Bialystok Ghetto. With few arms and little assistance from the outside, the fighters resisted the Nazis with incredible resolve. Narrated in English. 1990.
Film Length: 150 minutes.

Title: "Nuremberg Trials"
Description: Film Length: 70 minutes.