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Book and Video Library: B-C

Title: "Black Square"
Description: Tells the story of Russia's artistic avant-garde from the 1950s to the 1970s, when artists' work could be smashed by a bulldozer, flooded with acid, or covered with concrete.  The film is a cinematic appreciation of works only recently allowed to be exhibited and of the artists that created them. Documentary.
Film Length: 56 minutes

Title: "Between the Lines"
Description: Through diplomatic maneuvers and ingenious protests, Raoul Wallenberg stood fast against the savage Third Reich's campaign to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Budapest.  His heroic efforts and wrongful imprisonment by the Russians is vividly retold through interviews with colleagues, holocaust survivors, newsreels and rare footage by Nazi camera crews and others.
Film Length: 85 minutes

Title: "Blood Money: Nazi Gold"
Description: Recent PBS documentary about Swiss neutrality and the trails of stolen Jewish assets deposited in Swiss banks. 1997.
Film Length: 100 minutes

Title: "California Armenians: The New Generation"
Description: This is a story of the original Armenians who emigrated from Marsovan, Turkey to Fresno, California.  They established themselves in a vast, lush valley and made Fresno a center of Armenian life and culture.
Film Length: 30 minutes

Title: "Camp of Hope and Despair"
Description: An analysis of the Dutch concentration and transit camp at Westerbork through the eyes of survivors and the films of Rudolf Breslauer, the camp photographer. The film raises important questions about why mass deportations to the "East"were never hindered and how it was possible that 4 out of 5 Dutch Jews were deportedóthe highest percentage in Western Europe. 1990.
Film Length: 70 minutes

Title: "Cilicia...Rebirth"
Description:  This is the inspiring story of the descendants of the Kingdom of Cilicia who became a part of renaissance that took place in Aleppo, the legendary city of Northern Syria, after the tragic events of the First World War.  It is a tale of pride, hope and success. 1998.
Film Length: 27 minutes.

Title: "Child in Two Worlds: Jewish War Orphans"
Description: Many Jewish parents sent their children into hiding with Christian foster parents. This film focuses on five Jewish war orphans and how they eventually reclaimed their roots. Included in the story of Halinka, a baby born in the Warsaw Ghetto, who was wrapped in a blanket, thrown over the ghetto wall and saved by a Polish family. Dutch with English subtitles. Film Length: 60 minutes. 1993.
Film Length: 60 minutes.

Title: "Choosing One 's Way: Resistance in Auschwitz-Birkenau"
1995 Documentary.
Film Length: 30 minutes.

Title: "Christianity and the Holocaust."
Description: Documentary by Dr. Robert Willis

Title: "Comparative Literature Conference on the Holocaust. "
Description: Held at the University of Minnesota, 29 March 1989. 5 tapes (varying lengths).
Film Length: 5 tapes (varying lengths).