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  • Children's Books About the Holocaust : Fiction


    Adler, David A. One Yellow Daffodil; A Hannukah Story
    Harcourt-Brace 1995
    This picture book, beautiful both in its art and its story, is about a Holocaust survivor who has lost his faith, but begins to regain it years later.
    Grade: 04-06 PZ7 .A2615 01 1995

    Arrick, Fran Chernowitz!
    Penguin 1983
    Bobby Cherno is cruelly harassed by Emmett, himself the victim of an abusive father.  While Emmett influences others to join in his attacks, Bobby plans and carries out his revenge, with a less than satisfactory result.
    Grade: 07-09

    Asscher-Pinkhof, Clara Star Children
    Wayne State University Press 1986
    Rendered into English from the original Dutch, these brief stories are told from the point of view of the children who are their narrators. Through their innocent eyes the reader sees the events that occurred in Amsterdam, Westerbork and finally, Bergen-Belsen, where some 105,000 Dutch Jews perished during the Holocaust.
    Grade: 07-09 PT5807 .A78 S813

    Baylis-White, Mary Sheltering Rebecca
    Lodestar Books 1991
    Sally befriends a somber refugee from Nazi Germany. As she learns of Rebecca's past sorrows and they share wartime dangers in England, their friendship grows.
    Grade: 04-06 PZ7 .B3425 SH

    Drucker, Malka, and Michael Halperin Jacob's Rescue; A Holocaust Story
    Bantam Books 1993
    Eight-year-old Jacob escapes from the Warsaw Ghetto and is saved by Alex Roslan and his family. Through fear, sickness, and hunger, these Polish citizens protect Jacob until the war's end, when he must be returned to his father.
    Grade: 06-09 PZ7 .D824 J3

    Gotfryd, Bernard Anton The Dove Fancier and Other Tales Of The Holocaust
    Pocket Books 1990
    A young Polish Jew relates heartbreaking stories of Jews caught up in the Nazi persecutions, from before the outbreak of war to liberation, with humor and horror, and respect for the humanity of his characters.
    Grade: 09-12 PS 3557.0 7935 A58

    Kerr, Judith When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
    Dell 1971
    Anna and her warm and loving family seek refuge from the Nazis, traveling from one country to another, suffering the problems and indignities of refugees, but always managing to stay together.
    Grade: 06-09 PZ7 .K46815WH3

    Laird, Christa Shadow Of The Wall
    Greenwillow 1989
    Misha, living in Dr. Korczak's Orphans' Home in the Warsaw Ghetto, brings food and solace to his ailing mother for as long as he can, becomes a resistance fighter, then seeks to escape through the dreaded sewers.
    Grade: 06-09 PZ7 .61577 SH

    Levitin, Sonia Journey to America
    Atheneum 1970
    While Papa waits in America, Lisa Platt, her mother and two sisters try to escape the Nazis' closing trap so they can join him in safety in America, enduring poverty in Switzerland before they can escape.
    Grade: 07-10 PZ7 IL58

    Lowry, Lois Number The Stars
    Houghton Mifflin 1989
    Courageous Danish Christians join together to save Danish Jews from the Nazi terror. This story of one family's devotion to their Jewish friends illustrates the bravery that defines the Danish spirit.
    Grade: 06-09 PS3562 .097 N8

    Matas, Carol After The War
    Simon and Schuster 1996
    After liberation Ruth returns to her Polish village only to learn that her family has been totally destroyed. A Palestine underground leader persuades her to help rescue children on the dangerous journey to Eretz Israel, and the story of their  flight to freedom is movingly told.
    Grade: 06-09 PS8576 .A7994 A8

    Matas, Carol Lisa's War
    Scribner 1987
    Lisa joins her brother Stefan as a member of the Danish resistance, becoming first secret messenger, then joining her friend in a more dangerous mission to help the fellow Jews as they start their journey of rescue to Sweden.
    Grade: 05-08 PS8576 .A7994 L5

    Neshamit, Sarah The Children Of Mapu Street
    Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House 1977
    After the Germans invaded Kovno, only a few Jews survived. How the Lithuanian peasants and partisans either helped them or joined in the Nazi slaughter is told this moving book.
    Grade: 08-12 PS5054 .N48 Y4

    Nolan, Han If I Should Die Before I Wake
    Harcourt 1994
    With an unusual twist of fantasy, the author takes her young protagonist back to another life in a Nazi concentration camp.
    Grade: 09-12 PZ7 .N6783 14

    Orgel, Doris The Devil In Vienna 
    Dial Press 1978
    An impossible friendship survives in 1938 Vienna between a Jewish girl and the Catholic daughter of a Nazi official, as both face the Nazi terror, each in her own way.
    Grade: 07-10 PS3565 R73 D4

    Orlev, Uri Island On Bird Street
    Houghton Mifflin 1984
    Alex, eleven years old, waits alone for his father to return to their abandoned house on Bird Street in the Warsaw Ghetto. He spends the hard winter foraging for food and fuel, hiding from patrols and watching life on the other side of the ghetto wall.
    Grade: 06-08 PJ5054 .07 4125

    Orlev, Uri The Man From The Other Side
    Houghton Mifflin 1991
    Marek has been helping his Polish step-father smuggle food into the Warsaw Ghetto.  After learning that his own father was a Jew, Marek finds himself inadvertently in the midst of the Ghetto uprising.
    Grade: 06-09 P27.0633 N3

    Richter, Hans Peter I Was There
    Puffin Books 1987
    The sensitive young narrator describes, through anecdotes, the gradual transformation of innocent young boys from Hitler youth into Hitler's soldiers, many of whom meet their end at Stalingrad.
    Grade: 05-08 PZ7.R4154 I AD

    Richter, Hans Peter Friedrich
    Penguin 1987
    A young German boy describes life in strife-torn Germany from 1925-1942, and records the fate of his Jewish best friend.
    Grade: 05-08 PT2678 .1 317 D33

    Schnur, Steven The Shadow Children
    Morrow 1994
    Etienne encounters the ghosts on his beloved grandfather's farm, and helps all the old people of their town to confront the tragedy that continues to haunt them - the Nazis' murder of thousands of children - which none may forget.
    Grade: 05-08 PZ7 .S3644

    Suhl Yuri Uncle Misha's Partisans
    Shapolsky 1988
    Young Motele, orphaned by the murderous Nazis, is rescued by a Jewish partisan band. He uses his talent as a violinist to strike back at his persecutors.
    Grade: 06-09 DS135 R93

    Voa, Ida Hide And Seek
    Houghton, Mifflin 1991
    Rachel and her immediate family go into hiding, and as the days go by family members, friends, and neighbors drop out of sight. At war's end they wait for word of the missing ones
    Grade: 04-06 PZ7 V9718 H1

    Vos, Ida Anna Is Still Here
    Penguin 1986
    After three years in hiding Anna is reunited with her parents, but this is only the beginning of her long journey back to a normal life.
    Grade 05-08 V971 9 A5

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