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A Discussion about Minnesota's own Dark History

A Discussion about Minnesota's own Dark History

Bdote Dakota Site Tour by Iyekiyapiwiƞ Darlene St. Clair
Sunday, April 3

Fort Snelling State Park

Tour will run 2:00 - 3:30 PM
Shuttle bus departs from UMN at 1:15 PM, returns by 4:00 PM
Details will be provided upon confirmation of registration.
Open to UMN students, staff, faculty, and alumni; community welcome to join if space is available.  Registration required.  Register here.

We are living, learning, and working in a particular place with a long, fascinating, troubling, and frequently unknown story. One goal for this tour is that participants begin to experience the place we live in as Mnisota Makoce, the Dakota Homelands. We will be visiting several Dakota sacred sites located in an area that would later be called the Twin Cities.

How has colonization impacted Dakota use and access to these places? How have Dakota people asserted a continuing relationship with these places? This tour will provide participants with a more nuanced and complicated understanding of the place we call home.
Please be prepared for weather and walking.

Iyekiyapiwiƞ Darlene St. Clair, Dakota Scholar and Professor, Saint Cloud State University
St. Clair is Bdewakantuwan (Sacred Lake) Dakota from the Lower Sioux Reservation in Minnesota. Her research and teaching interests include American Indian arts and cultural expressions; American Indian education; oral ways of knowing and learning; the intersections of oppressions, particularly race and gender; and differing definitions and understandings of feminism in communities of color.