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Genocide Education Outreach from CHGS

Genocide Education Outreach from CHGS

CHGS works with a number of graduate students who teach and research genocide from a variety of fields of study. We are connecting these emerging scholars with schools, community colleges, and community organizations that are seeking guest educators through our new initiative: 

GEO (Genocide Education Outreach)

MA graduate Joe Eggers visits a group of high school students

Participating graduate students are able to bring their academic research to a wide audience, providing specific resources and relevant, accessible, and positive learning experiences to students outside of the university.

Brief list of topics for consideration for Fall and Spring 2016-2017:
  • What is a genocide? - Legal definition of genocide, and its challenges 
    • The practical and political use, or avoidance of, the concept of genocide
  • Genocide of Native Americans/First Nations/Indigenous Peoples 
    • Cultural genocide/physical genocide, Collective memory
  • Rwandan genocide 
    • Governmental policy, Gender issues, Memorialization 
  • Holocaust in Western Europe
  • Transatlantic slavery, especially regarding Haiti
  • Armenian genocide and modern Turkey
    • Public commemoration, politics of commemoration, and museums
  • Foreign policy regarding genocide/ethnic cleansing
  • Colombia
    • Peace building and reintegration
  • Guatemala
  • Cambodia, genocide, and the Cold War
  • Memorialization of genocide
  • Adoption policies with respect to genocide/cultural genocide
  • Nationalism and commemoration (including modern Spain)
  • Genocide in the Middle East (including Coptic Christians and contemporary Egypt)
  • Holocaust Art
    • CHGS' art pieces available for exhibition
    • Visit our collection of Holocaust-related artifacts available on campus

Bring a graduate student to your class or community group! Or bring your class to CHGS to visit the library, learn from our graduate students, and see our artifact collection.

This program is completely free!

Please contact Demetrios Vital, CHGS Outreach Coordinator, for questions and information.

A high school class visits the CHGS Library and artifact collection