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International Conference on Migration

International Conference on Migration

Wednesday-Friday, September 21-23
“Local Action in Response to Migration” 
Third annual international conference 

This conference will share the experiences arising from local action with regard to migration. It will support the examination of key efforts in response to migration and migrants in the framework of the most recent challenges to the dynamics in the movement of peoples that unite Mesoamerica and North America as well as their transnational effects.

Wednesday, September 21, 7:00pm
McNamara Alumni Center, A.I. Johnson Great Room
Jill Anderson, “Los Otros Dreamers”

A bilingual community­ published anthology of stories and photos about the experience of return and deportation to Mexico after having grown up in the United States. Twenty­six youth shared their stories in their own words with Jill Anderson, who then edited their contributions into a collective testimonial. In word and image, the book tells a story of the challenges, obstacles, injustices, triumphs, and potential of this bilingual, bicultural generation on the move. It is a combination of art, research and social justice written for a growing bilingual, bicultural audience.

Thursday, September 22, 10:00am - 9:00pm
Friday, September 23, 9:00am - 3:30pm
Walter Library, Room #101

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Organized by the Human Rights Program, the Local Action in Response to Migration Network, and Hispanic Issues Online; cosponsored by The Arsham and Charlotte Ohanessian Chair, Institute for Global Studies, Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies, Department of Chicano & Latino Studies, Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies, Immigration History Research Center, Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change.