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HGMV Workshop, Thu April 16: Holocaust Commemoration in Turkey and Spain

HGMV Workshop, Thu April 16: Holocaust Commemoration in Turkey and Spain

Thursday, April 16
HGMV Workshop

Yagmur Karakaya and Alejandro Baer:
"Remembering to Forget? Holocaust Commemoration in Turkey and Spain"

710 Social Sciences

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As a consequence of diverse but converging transnational efforts many countries around the world have gradually introduced an annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, celebrated with a state-sponsored memorial ceremony. How do these transnational top-down politics of memory translate into the designated national settings? Does promoting public awareness and remembrance of the Holocaust affect societies' understandings, attitudes and responses towards past and current forms of mass violence and human rights violations? Preliminary findings of two case studies - Turkey and Spain- will be presented.

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Professor Alejandro Baer is an associate professor at the sociology department and the director of CHGS.
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Yagmur Karakaya is a PhD student at the sociology department at the University of Minnesota. She is interested in collective memory, popular culture and narratives of history. Yagmur is currently working on her dissertation project on Ottomania, which focuses on the contemporary interest in the Ottoman past in Turkey. She also works with Alejandro Baer on a comparative study of Holocaust remembrance initiatives.