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  • George Zielezinski

    These drawings, for the most part in charcoal, were done by Polish Artist and Dachau Concentration Camp Survivor, George Zielezinski, who was a political prisoner.

    The drawing were made in 1946 after liberation. Originals are 16 inches x 12 inches in size. Zielezinski’s style is highly impressionistic and has a high aesthetic value even though he deals with the horrors of the camp, including the treatment of new arrivals, beatings and torture, the attraction of committing suicide by throwing oneself against the electric fence and even the camp elites among prisoners. Zielezinski challenges the viewer to ask which is more “authentic” in describing the fate of victims in the lager---photographs or drawings?

    Title page-cover
    Title page-cover, 1393
    Title page
    Title page, 1394
    1395 List of illustrations in Folio
    List of Illustrations in Folio, 1395
    Descriptive text on photography versus artDescriptive text on photography versus art, 1396
    Artist by Chance: Reflections on the artist (in French)Artist by Chance: Reflections on the artist (in French), 1397 TransportTransport, 1398 The New Arrival
    The New Arrival, 1400
    Before the BathBefore the Bath, 1401
    I am Hungry
    I am Hungry, 1403
    Night ShiftNight Shift, 1404 When will It be my turn?
    When will it be my turn?, 1405
    ForemanForeman, 1406
    Punishment, 1407
    Suicide, 1408
    If Only!
    If Only!, 1409
    Work is Liberty!Work is Liberty!, 1410
    GarrotedGarroted, 1411 Delerium
    Delerium, 1412
    Shadows in the squareShadows is the square, 1413 The Capo
    The Capo, 1414
    I am cold!
    I am cold!, 1415
    The Women's Roll Call
    The Women's Roll Call, 1416
    The HospitalThe Hospital, 1417 Small Criminal
    Small Criminal, 1418
    The Prominents
    The Prominents, 1419
    The Shot
    The Shot, 1420
    To the WallTo the Wall, 1421 EvacuationEvacuation, 1422
    Strange Incident
    Strange Incident, 1424