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    Haim Maor (Moshkovitz) Biography


    1951 Born in Jaffa, Israel.
    1976 Graduated from Hamidrasha Seminar for Teachers of Art and Painting, Ramat Hasharon.
    1977 Became a member of Kibbbutz Givat Chayyim (meuhad).
    April 1983 Represented Israel as a member of a group of artists and writers on the 40th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  Visited the death camps and the remnants of Jewish towns in Poland.
    September 1983 Installation: "A Message from Auschwitz-Birkenau to Tel-Hai", as part of the Tel-Hai '83 event.
    April 1986 The beginning of the artistic work with Suzanna.
    1986 Installation: "A Message from Auschwitz-Birkenau to the Khan Theatre, Jerusalem", Khan Theatre, Jerusalem.
    1986 - 2000 Work on various installations with Suzanna and tours of Germany (1987, 1989, 1992, 1997, 1998) and Burkina Faso, West Africa (1995).
    February-April 1988 Installation: "The Faces of Race and Memory", Israel Museum, Jerusalem (Catalog).
    May-June 1993 Installation: "The Faces of Race and Memory from the Forbidden Library", Haags Centrum voor Aktuele Kunst (The Hague Center for Contemporary Art), Holland (Catalog).
    January-March 1994 Installation: "The Forbidden Library", City Gallery, Kfar Saba (Catalog).
    April-July 1994 Installation: "Haim Maor: The Forbidden Library", The Abraham Baron Art Gallery, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva.
    1994 Installation: "The Faces of Race and Memory: The Forbidden Library", Massuah, Tel Yitzhak.
    1995 An active member of the TRT group (a dialog between the "Second Generation" of the Holocaust survivors and the children of the Holocaust perpetrators. Project Director:  Prof. Dan Baron.
    1996 Installation: "Suzanna – Shoshana", Tivon Memorial Center. Installation: "The Fabrics and the Trees", Dafna Naor Gallery, Jerusalem; Installation: "Suzanna Shoshana", City Gallery, Rehovot.
    1998 Installation: "The Faces of Race and Memory: Suzanna – Jacob's Shoshana", the B'nai B'rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum, Wahington D.C. (Catalog).
    1999 Installation: "Suzanna Shoshana", "Bet Gabriel on the Sea of Galilee" Gallery, Tzemach. Installation: "Suzanna Shoshana", Kibbutz Na'an Gallery.
    2000 Installation: "Anime, Animus, Anonymous", Kibbutz Givat-Chayyim (Ihud) Gallery.
    2003 A second tour of Poland.
    2005 "What was that word Holocaust … The Memory of the Holocaust in the Israeli Public Discourse", Massuah, Tel Yitzhak.


    1994 Received the Minister of the Arts and Sciences Award.
    1995 Received the Zussman Award, Yad-Vashem, Jerusalem.


    The Installation "The Faces of Race and Memory" and "The Forbidden Library" were shown in different exhibition spaces and were modified to fit each structure and exhibition space. In some of the space all parts of the Installation were shown, in others only parts of it were on display. In some cases it was combined with part of the "Suzanna – Shoshana" installation. The complete structure of each of the installation is as follows: "The Faces of Race and Memory": Prologue, The Face of Race, The Faces of Memory, Echo Chamber ; "The Forbidden Library": Prologue, Forbidden Words, Forbidden Stories, The Faces of Race (Mortuary), The Faces of Race (Disqualified Scrolls), Light Number, Echo Chamber.


    To the entire staff of Massuah, Tel Yitzhak; To the "Pais (National Lottery) Arts and Culture Council" and to the Um El-Fahem Gallery for the financial support; To all the writers of the articles; to Ran Arde for the photos; to Amir Cohen for the design; to Osnat Rabinowitz for the editing; to Uri Bruck for translating to English and to Haim Maor for the involvement in all the stages of the production of this publication.