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Inheritance Project | art and images beyond a silenced genocide
Artists Inheritance Project: Art and Images Beyond a Silenced Genocide, is the collected effort of nine diversely different Armenian-American artists. Although strangers to each other, there is consonance in their experience as inheritors of an enormous, unacknowledged tragedy that took place more than 85 years ago in Ottoman Turkey. What holds this group of artists together is a spirit, or consciousness, that speaks to the heart and mind — above political rhetoric and academic theorizing — as a presentation to be seen, heard and felt.
Tina Bastajian
Jean Marie Casbarian
Eileen Claveloux
Jacqueline Doumanian
Dahlia Elsayed
Elisa Khachian
John Mahtesian
Naomi M. Pridjian
Eileen Shahbazian
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