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  • Grace Graupe-Pillard :
  • Nowhere to Go - Sisters

    Nowhere to Go - Sisters


    Nowhere To Go - Sisters, Mixed Media/cutout canvas,79½" x 67",1991

    I attached and ripped in two, old photographs of my cousins who were separated during the war and placed in different Dutch families for protection when their parents were forced into hiding. They were reunited three years later. Symbolizing children who did not survive, I lined up images of dolls floating on water like corpses. I also included a rocking horse, a metaphor for lost childhood. Portions of a letter from my uncle and aunt to my parents after the liberation describing their own struggles to survive are stenciled directly onto the artwork. The letter reads: Erich Ilse Stern, Holland, 1945 "...The persecution of the Jews began in the cities and eventually reached the country...despite all efforts we could not find anybody to give us shelter... suddenly we got a chance to go to Switzerland and for alot of money ...that trip alone would fill several pages ...we had fallen into the hands of swindlers who abandoned us almost penniless at the French border... We belong to the few Jews who have saved their own lives...and above all are united with our children after a separation of 3 years ...We jointly begin a new life..."