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  • Grace Graupe-Pillard :
  • Nowhere to Go - Letter

    Nowhere to Go - Letter


    Nowhere To Go - Letter, Pastels/cutout canvas, 80" x 69",1991

    A family friend sent my father a letter telling him the fate of his parents. "...A shipwreck ...leans on a tide of print. Like a note in a bottle, the sea carries some news..." (R. Mahoney, Catalogue Essay, 1993). The letter reads: 1945, Switzerland "...In Sept. 1942, when your father said goodbye before deportation to Poland, I promised to write ...We survivors have the duty to ...Your mother passed away after a short, heavy bout with pneumonia in Theresienstadt...a rabbi gave a dignified speech for the 20 deceased who were lined up ...A quarter of a year later a crematorium had been erected because the 150/80 corpses daily couldn't be buried ...Your father bore his sorrow in private ... shortly thereafter he received his notice..." Sincerely, Recha