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  • Our Seder

    Our Seder

    our seder

    My father conducted the seder lying on the bed, leaning on the pillows. He was dressed in the kapote, a black silk coat with a silk string at his waist. Alongside the bed we placed a long table covered with a white damask tablecloth. Everything on the table was yomtovdik (festive). My mother, my sisters, and I dressed in our best clothes and sat on a long bench, with my brother next to my father. The youngest son of the family, in our case my brother, asked the Four Questions.

    When I was little I remember waiting impatiently to drink the wine and to eat the delicious meal. My father chanted the Haggadah in Hebrew in the same manner and melody as his father had done. I, being the youngest, opened the door for Elijah. I remember watching the Elijah cup to see if any wine was missing. Mother told Elijah-stories of her youth.

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