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  • Passover Pots

    Passover Pots

    passover pots

    According to Orthodox Jewish law, a separate set of dishes, pots, and silverware was required for Passover.

    Before the holidays we unpacked the box of Passover dishes from the attic. Each piece had a history. Grandma Chaje-Dine gave the bowl with the red flower design, and the white enamel pot came from Aunt Matel.

    In those days, pots were received as wedding gifts. Dishes were also handed down from mother to daughter. The enamel pots that we used all year eventually developed holes, but nothing was discarded. Father patched them up with lead, and we used them again for cooking.

    In an emergency, a small hole would be sealed by pulling a tiny piece of cloth through it, and the pot would be used for storage. This was done because a housewife didn't own extra pots.

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