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    My unconscious one desires to transmit.. all that it knows, Oil on canvas, 80x60, Terror III, Ottawa, August 1993.

    Phantom II, mixed media, 80x70

    Facing the past, oil on canvas, 90x70

    Separation, oil on canvas, 100x70

    Exodus, oil on canvas, 120x160

    Turning her back, oil on canvas, 200x160

    Floating on a foul air, watercolor, 50x60

    Maggid, oil on canvas, 60x50

    Voices of past, oil on cloth, 80x75, Ottawa, September 1993.

    Tohu-bohu, oil on canvas,60x50

    Metamorphose II, acrylic on paper, 40x50, Ottawa, March 1993.

    Solitude, acrylic on paper 50x60, Ottawa, February 1993.

    Frayeur, watercolor 30x50, Ottawa, October 26 1992.

    Horror I, watercolor, 50x30, Ottawa October 26 1992.

    Watercolor on paper, 50x30, Ottawa, October 1992.

    The Ghost, oil on canvas, 120x160, Ottawa, September 2 1994.

    Left on Fire I, oil on canvas, 60x50, Ottawa, November 1993.

    Left on Fire II, oil on canvas, 60x50, Ottawa, August 1993.

    Destruction I, acrylic on canvas 120x90, Ottawa, January 1994.

    Destruction II, acrylic on canvas 40x50, Ottawa, March 1993.

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