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  • Saul Balagura

    Saul Balagura

    About the Artist

    Saúl Balagura was born in Cali, Colombia, in 1943. At age seventeen had his first solo exhibition. Throughout his life he moved in parallel universes of arts and sciences. The self-taught artist holds a M.D. from Universidad del Valle [1964], a Ph.D. in Psychology fromPrinceton University [1967], and a Neurosurgery degree from Albert Einstein Medical Center [1980]. In 1994 he retired from the world of science and opened a studio, first in Tesuque,New Mexico and since 2006 in Houston, Texas. His expressionistic work is a direct result of
    the interaction of his background with artistic influences from artists as varied as Willem de Kooning, Eduardo Guayasamin, el Greco, Pablo Neruda and Gabriel García Márquez. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States.

    Saul Balagura CV (PDF)

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    Artist Statement – The Holocaust Series

    I was born in 1943 at the same time that thousands of European Jewish souls were being released into the skies in Nazi concentration camps, their ashes scattered by the winds encircling the world. Maybe some small element of all those souls penetrated my conscience with my first breath giving me the directive that I should be a witness after their generation is no more. The Holocaust was committed under the cloak of silence, and will be forgotten if covered by the same cloak. Victims must have memories, but only when those that were not victims remember, will the eternal flame keep warm the hearts of the generations to come. And so, I dedicate a portion of my art to the memory of a people and their suffering in the hope that my voice, as uncomfortable as it may be, joins the efforts of others to maintain this flame alive.

    The Holocaust Series is an ongoing series. As long as I continue feeling about the Holocaust, I must continue producing my paintings/poems, and I hope that after I die, someone else will feel as much and will continue expressing it in an Art form.

    The Holocaust Series Gallery

    "The Brace." Oil.

    20" x 16". 1996

    Kaddishim III

    Kaddishim Tryptic I, ll,lll. Acrylic. 5" x 12". 1997.

    Poem: Kaddishim


    Two Women. Acrylic.

    50" x 60"

    "Face". Ink/Acrylic.

    30" x 22". 1997.


    Patrimony. Watercolor.

    28" x 24". 1995.

    Haben Sie Meinen Bruder Gesehen. Acrylic.

    38" x 48". 1992.

    I Did See You. Acrylic.

    40" x 30". 1997.


    Poland: Early Autumn 1943. Monotype.

    22" x 30". 1997.

    Poland: Early Winter 1943. Monotype.

    22" x 30". 1997.

    Apocalyptic Thirst. Colored Woodcut.

    30" x 20". 1996.

    One More Day. Monotype.

    30" x 22". 1997

    Auschwitz: MongerMonotype:4 Panels

    22" x 30". 1994.


    Auschwitz: Mittag. Monotype: 4 Panels 22" x 30". 1994.


    Auschwitz: Abend. Monotype: 4 Panels 22" x 30". 1994.



    Auschwitz: Nacht. Monotype: 4 Panels 22" x 30". 1994.





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