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Gallery I

An Art in Public Space Project by artists Renata Stih and Frider Schnock, Berlin, Germany.

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Note: Arrow indicates typical placement of signs in the project.

Berlin-Schöneberg District Map

Bayerischer Platz U-Bahn Station and Unobtrusive Memorial Sign "U"

Bayerischer Platz U-Bahn Sign

Bayerischer Platz Showing Typical Placement of Memorial Plaques - Right

Places of Remembrance Sign next to the Post Office

Sign in Front of Lutheran Church

Woman Sitting on Bench with Cane and Sign

Cigarette Case Sign

Jews May Not Join Red Cross, Jan 1, 1938.

Armband for Blind in Germany

"We had a budgerigar (small bird in the family of cocks). When we were told that Jews were no longer allowed to keep pets, my husband felt he could not part with his bird. (...) Maybe somebody denounced him, because one day he was summoned to the Gestapo. After living in fear for several weeks, I received a card from the police. I had to pick up my husband's ashes for a 3 RM fee."

***A Testimony from the Year 1943.

"We had a pet bird..." Report 1943.

Only Honorable Comrades of German Blood or Related Descent May Become Allotment Gardeners (Small Private Plots), 22 March 1933.


Testamentary Inheritance by Jews Only When Morals are Upheld. July 31, 1938


Jewish Lawyers and Notaries may No Longer have Legal Responsibilities Regarding the City of Berlin. 18 March 1933.

Counting Days in Jail

Jewish Civil Servants May No Longer Serve The State. April 7, 1933

Rubber Stamp

Employment Forbidden for Jewish Musicians. March 31, 1935

Violin Case

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