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Miami Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial of Miami Beach is located at 1933-1945 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 and is dedicated to the 6 Million Victims of the Holocaust. It was commissioned in 1985 and executed by Kenneth Treister, sculptor, who has described his intent as: "a large environmental sculpture...a series of outdoor spaces in which the visitor is led through a procession of visual, historical and emotional experiences with the hope that the totality of the visit will express, in some small way, the reality of the Holocaust." The dominant image is the large, 42 foot high bronze hand, The Sculpture of Love and Anguish," which includes an Auschwitz number on the forearm and 130 human figures cast in bronze in various forms of anguish.

From visitors guide to the Memorial.

Memorial Hand in The Garden of Meditation. Hand is offically called: "The Sculpture of Love and Anguish"

Memorial Hand in The Garden of Meditation. View from opposite side.

The Scultpure of Love and Anguish with details of of figures in pain and horror.

Hand and figures


Base of monument.  In background - wall of names of victims related to survivors and family in the Miami area.

"The last goodbye." Bronze

"The Arbor of History," with wall panels documenting the History of the Shoah.

Wall of memory

"The Lonely Path"

"Yellow star JUDE in dome of The Lonely Path."


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