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  • Memorial to Memorial

    Memorial to Memorial

    Memorial to a Memorial at the former concentration camp at Buchenwald, near Weimar, Germany.

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    original monument original monument

    Original Buchenwald Monument 1945.  The original Buchenwald Monument built of wood by prisoners lasted only about a month, as the wood was needed to build a podium for a May Day Commemoration on May 1, 1945. Hoheisel's "memorial to the memorial" is built on the same site as the original wooden memorial.

    memorial to memorial memorial to memorial

    Buchenwald Site for "Memorial to a Memorial" 1995

    base of buchenwald memorial base of buchenwald memorial

    Base of Buchenwald Memorial to a Memorial being installed. 1985.

    examining art

    Artist Examining Finished Cast of Buchenwald Memorial Stainless Steel. 1995.


    Installation of Buchenwald Memorial to a Memorial 1995.


    Installed Memorial and Sign Recalling Original Monument. 1995.

    heated monument

    Sign Commemorating Original Buchenwald Memorial. 1995


    Memorial to a Memorial Dedication With Didactic About Old Memorial. 1995.

    heated monument

    Monument at Buchenwald Heated to Human Body Temperature 98.6°F.

    monument heated to 98.6

    Monument at Buchenwald 98.6°F. The monument contains no didactic description of the heating process. However, visitors have learned through common knowledge or by "looking and mimicking" to touch the monument, as opposed to a tradtional concept of simply looking at a monument.

    flowers wither

    Memorial at Buchenwald. Flowers Wither Because of 98.6°F Temperature.

    memorila to memorial

    Memorial to a Memorial Buchenwald (detail) 1995.

    prisoners plaque

    Buchenwald Monument Countries of Origin of Prisoners at Liberation, April 1945. Since completion of the memorial, other foreign nationals and minorities have been identified who were prisoners during the Nazi and later GDR-Communist period. Hoheisel intends to add the phrase "and other humans...."

    stainless steel

    Monument at Buchenwald 1997. Hands Touch Stainless Steel Heated to 98.6°F


    Dedication of "A Memorial to A Memorial" 1995. Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

    Scenes from Summer 2007

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    buchenwald 2007 buchenwald 2007 buchenwald 2007 buchenwald 2007