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  • Jerusalem Post Magazine

    Jerusalem Post Magazine

    The Jerusalem Post Magazine, March 18, 1983.

    altered statesBoiger: altered states

    by Gil Goldfine

    PETER BOIGER is an accomplished. German born: sculptor and a master carver in wood Surrounded by his two dozen works in cast bronze and painted or stained wood, one inainctively feels the presence of a skilled artist who loves and appreciates his craft ,and practices the art of sculpture in a conservative, established manner; but also with a determination to create a variety of motifs through continuing thought and experience.

    Boiger's vertically oriented forms, a genetic mix of genes from Moore. Giacometti, Archipenko and EtiƩnne-Martin, derived from a comprehension of the dynamics inherent in the human form and dnatomical and skeletal gestures.

    Bronze surfaces, ruddy, crusted or smooth, are like his wood, alive from within; he is a sculptor who can charge one material with the properties of another. A sensitive coordination of voids and solids complements incisions into planes that oppose other tactile surfaces.

    Boiger reduces intricate forms .end realistic subjects into simplified, elegantly designed abstractions. Their "humankind" is presented as an altered state, a mass of matter containing ceremonial powers, not primitive in concept but belonging to a "mysterious' hall of fame. Several heads (maquettes) with this quality are among themMost memorable pieces in the exhibit.

    Boiger's works sometimes slip into rather bland statements, but the total effect is first rate. (Horace Richter Galleries, 14 Simtat Mazal Arieh, Old Jaffa, in conjunction with the Goethe Institute, T.A.).