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Photos taken in 1992 by Stephen Feinstein

View from SS Entrance Barracks of the camp

Rail spur into the camp from underneath SS Barracks and selection ramp on left.

Rail spur into the camp.

Memorial (1992) at the end of the rail spur in the camp.

View from inside the camp looking back at the SS Barracks

View of the SS Barracks from the unloading ramp.



Electric fence and pre-fabricated "horse" barracks for inmates.

Barracks. There was no grass in the camp when it was inhabited by inmates.

Remains of Crematorium II, which was blown up as the SS Evacuated the camp in December, 1944

Map of Auschwitz-Birkenau with uncompleted extension of the camp marked BIII.

Remains of Crematorium 3 with Israeli flag from tourist.

Remains of Crematorium III

Destroyed crematoria and watch tower

Interior barracks and sleeping "shelves" for inmates

Womens' barracks, left side of the ramp when looking from the SS Barracks into camp.

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