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  • Satellite Camps

    Satellite Camps


    Graphic showing names of Ravensbrück's many sub-camps.

    Ravensbrück had some 70 slave labor sub-camps, spread out from the Baltic Sea to Bavaria.

    By 1944, Ravensbrück was in charge of 70 subcamps that "employed" from less than 100 to 6,000 women in Nazi Germany's war industries, The Nazi's utilization of slave labor to win the war resulted in Ravensbrück's expansion into a virtual empire of slave labor sub-camps. Products that were manufactured by women in these subcamps included aircraft components, weapons, munitions, and explosives.

    Conditions varied from camp to camp, depending on the size of the camp, changing circumstances as World War II progressed, and the disposition of the personnel in charge. In addition to the Siemens Electric Company, other prestigious and known companies that employed slave labor in Ravensbrück's sub-camps included AEG and Daimler-Benz. More than 55 years after the end of the war, Siemens and other companies were finally beginning to agree to accept responsibility and pay some compensation to their former slave laborers from Ravensbrück.

    memorial marker

    Photo of memorial marker for one of the sub-camps, Neustadt-Glewe. Courtesy of Karl Heinz Schütt.

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