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  • Antonina Nikiforowa

    Antonina Nikiforowa

    Antonina Nikiforowa

    Antonina Nikiforowa
    1907 -

    Dr. Antonina Nikiforowa was born on June 16, 1907, in Leningrad. She attended medicaltechnical school and later studied medicine at Leningrad University. She joined the Soviet Army two days after the German attack on Russia, While in the army, she was transferred to the navy hospital in Kurisari on the island Sameera. After heavy fighting, Sameera was occupied and Antonina was taken by the Germans as a prisonerofwar.

    After refusing to become a worker in Germany, she was sent to Majdanek, From there she was transferred to Ravensbrück, where she worked as a prisonerdoctor. When the Nazis abandoned the camp, she was put in charge of the survivorpatients.

    After the war, Antonina returned home to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) and wrote several books about Ravensbrück.

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