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  • Charlotte Müller

    Charlotte Müller

    Charlotte Müller

    Charlotte Müller
    1912 -

    Charlotte Müller was born in 1912 in Thuringia, Germany, and grew up in Chemnitz, where her family became associated with the Bibelforscher (Jehovah's Witnesses) in 1923. In August 1936, the Gestapo arrested her for illegally producing and distributing religious literature, After serving her two-year sentence, she refused to sign a declaration renouncing her beliefs. She was immediately sent to the Lichtenburg camp. Along with several hundred other Bibelforscher women, she suffered severe punishment for nonparticipation in patriotic ceremonies.

    In May 1939, she was transferred to Ravensbrück, where she spent a year in the penal block for refusing to bring the swastika flag. She and her family were reunited in December 1945.

    The Communist government in East Germany banned Jehovah's Witnesses in 1950, and Charlotte was again arrested for her religious activities. Altogether, she spent nine years imprisoned by the Nazi regime and six years by the Communist regime.


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