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  • Kathe Leichter

    Kathe Leichter

    kathe leichter

    Kathe Leichter

    Dr. Käthe Pick Leichter was born on August 20, 1895, in Vienna, Austria. She graduated from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) in 1919, and received a doctorate when such a possibility was unusual for women,

    Käthe and her husband became leaders of the Social Democrats in Austria, and participated in the resistance against the Nazis. In 1938, an informer turned Käthe in to the Gestapo. She was arrested, accused of high treason, imprisoned, and finally deported to Ravensbrück in January 1940.

    In January 1942, Käthe was among 1500 Jewish women selected to be transported to the Bernburg euthanasia center and gassed.

    Rosa Jochmann, Käthe's loyal comrade from Vienna, reported on her deportation:

    "Then came the morning, and since I was block elder, I was allowed to go to the camp street. We went hand in hand. I'll never find out whether she knew that this was the end. I can still see Käthe sitting on the truck, in the bitter cold, her blue eyes directed at us, waving for a last goodbye."

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