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  • Rosi Forsberg

    Rosi Forsberg

    Rosi Forsberg

    Rosi Forsberg

    Rosi Maria Elisbeth Mauskopf was born in Sulus on the border of Hungary and Slovakia on January 13,1928. Her Jewish Slovakian and Hungarian parents owned a small bookstore.

    In 1941, her parents sent her to Budapest to care for her sick aunt. Her family was deported to Auschwitz in 1943, while Rosi remained in the Budapest ghetto. She was then rounded up with other Jews and forced to walk to the Austrian border, from which she was transported to Ravensbrück.

    Rosi was put in a punishment bunker several times because of her activities in the camp. At the end of 1944, she was forcibly sterilized, In 1945, she was transported to BergenBelsen and liberated from there by the Swedish Red Cross in April. She remained in Sweden, and required ten years of medical treatment and 30 surgical operations because of her mistreatment in Ravensbrück.

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