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Images From Ingber's Life in Luboml

Kejlis' Passport

Leah Kejliss Polish Passport indicating Luboml as place of birth.

Leah Kejlis Ingber was born November 9, 1909 in Luboml,Poland. Leah was one of six daughters. Her oldest sister, Fruma, married Yaacov Meise

ls when Leah was only 13. The couplemigrated to Palestine and was the last time Leah saw the bride. Leah left her Shtetl when she was 21 years old emigrating to Canada. Her mother, Nechuma Kejlis, sent Leah to her brother Bernard Goldfeather, an optometrist in St. John, New Brunswick, in order to earn enough money to bring over the entire family. Of all the sisters Leah was considered to have the biggest heart and would work to save enough money to bring the rest of the family to America.

Leah's arrival in Canada, however, coincided with the Great Depression. She moved to Montreal, Quebec in search of work. Then, through family, arrangements were made for her to travel to St. Paul, Minnesota to meet Sam Ingber, a milkman and devout Jew who was a widower with two small sons, Harry and Joe. Leah and Sam married in 1936 and had two sons of their own, Marvin and Jerry, who are today Minneapolis attorneys. In their family home in St. Paul, Leah was fond of saying to her children, "Ah leben auf dein kopf! You should always have a good life."

Leah was unable to save her mother and sisters (Chava, Rose, Pessie and Bayla) or their families from the Nazis. They all perished in the Holocaust. In the 1970s, Leah was reunited in Israel with her only surviving family member, her brother-in-law, Yaacov Meisels, and his family.

Leah passed away in 1992.

Kejlis' Family Kejlis's Sister
Leah Kejlis' family: Pesele Kejlis; Nachama Kejlis (mother); Raisele or Rose, Husbands of Chava and Bajla, Chava and Bajla. Leah Kejlis's sister, Pesele on a Luboml bench with a friend.

Certificate of naturalization of Bessie Ingber

Certificate of Naturalization, USA, 1946 for Bessie Ingber.

Certificate of Naturalization USA of Leah Ingber

Certificate of Naturalization USA of Leah Ingber.

Cerificate of Naturalization USA of Isadore Ingber

Certification of Naturalization USA of Isadore Ingber, 1927.

Certificate of Naturalization for Sam Ingber

Certificate of Naturalization for Sam Ingber, 1928.

Letter to Icko Ingber Letter to Icko Ingber from US Dept of Labor regarding cancellation of immigration bond for children Israel, Motel, and Chaim. Dates 1926.