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The Luboml Exhibit

Photos from Luboml Exhibit

Labels from Distillery of M. Rajzman and K. Kopelzon, 1920-1930.

Market Square on Market Day, 1926.

Collection Mikola Dzei.

Yehoshua and Giti Solovetichik and sons Shmuel Yosek, Yosef and Bezalel, 1930.

Collection Eliahu Kandelshain.

Needy townspeople awaiting lunch at soup kitchen. Signs in two languages. 1917.

Collection Nathan Sobel.


Collection Mikola Dzei.

Three men collection donations for Purim, 1938.

Collection Luboml Exhibition Project.

Feyga Ziegelbaum with 7 month old son Efroim. 1938.

Collection Miriam Ziegelbaum Ingber.

Feyga Teitelbaum.

Collection Esther Seidel.

David Prussman, Russian Soldier prisoner of war, 1918, holding photo of his two children.

Collection Nathan Sobel

Employees of Express Printing House with their posters in Yiddish, 1930.

Collection Heichal Yahaduth Wolyn.

Sobel brothers Machine Shop, Luboml. 1936.

Collection Nathan Sobel

Members of Luboml Municipal Council. 1930s.

Collection Pnina Giladi.

Schrool Melamed and his wife Chanah, Hershel and Ziva. 1920s.

Collection Morris Kandelshain.

Document - Residence permit for Wolynia.

School diploma - Luboml

ID card for Chaya Zyglelbaum.

Betar Rally, 1933.

Collection Nathan Eiger.

Hertka Shraga (top right) and other teens collecting money for a Zionist Cause, 1930.

Collection Rachel Sandelbaum Gutman.

Zionist Group Hashomer Hatzair with portrait of Theodore Herzl, 1922.

Collection Collection Heichal Yahaduth Wolyn.

Northwest view of the Great Synagogue with Shtiblekh (prayer houses) at right. 1930.

Collection Polish Academy of Sciences.

Crowds at Wedding of Nathan Eiger and American Bride Devorye Schiff, 1935.

Collection of Esther Ziegelman Kessler.

Rosh Hashonah Card with Rachel and Menel Frechter, 1929.

Collection Bella Raz.

Engagement party, Sol Milshtyn and American bride Rose.

Collection Lillian Ziegelman Chavales.

Mirel Zimerberg and daughter Nina, DP Camp, Germany, 1947.

Collection of Esther Ziegelman Kessler.

Jewish, Polish and Ukrainian Children at a birthday party, 1954.

Collection Lidia Kaminska.

Luboml Holocaust survivors in Tel Aviv after the Holocaust: Moshe Blumen, Nathan Sobel, Avram Gutman. 1949.

Collection Avram Gutman.

Luboml Survivors at Monument to Luboml and the Holocaust. Such monuments were construced in many communities by survivors before they departed for Palestine or DP Camps in Germany as a prelude to emigration to the United States.