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Remembering Luboml: Images of a Jewish Community

3 girls LubomlRemembering Luboml: Images of a Jewish Community was an exhibition presented at the Sabes Jewish Community Center , Minneapolis from September 5 through October 17, 1999, sponsored by the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, the Immigration Research Center and the Sabes Jewish Community Center. The Exhibition was brought to Minnesota by the Ingber Family in Loving Memory of Leah Kejlis Ingber (1909-92). To her shtetl and those in her family and all others who perished in the Holocaust.

The exhibition was meant to be a tribute to life and featured photos and artifactscollected from families and archives around the world. In October of 1942 Jewish life in Luboml came to an abrupt end when Germans and their allies murdered almost all of the town's Jews, men, women and children. Only 51 Jews from Luboml (excluding those who had emigrated before the war, such as Leah Kejlis) survived the Holocaust.

Exhibition and Archival Photos

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