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Recent Headlines of the Armenian Genocide

(The Armenian Reporter)

BooksCairo, November 16, 1993
" Denial Of The Genocide By Middle Eastern Expert"

Princeton Prof. Bernard Lewis, replied " ...Turkish documents prove a policy of deportation, but not of extermination," when asked why the Turks continue to deny the Armenian Genocide.
 In Contrast: In his 1961 book (p.350), The Emergence of Modern Turkey, he writes.about "the terrible holocaust of 1916, when a million and a half Armenians perished."

Las Vegas, April 24, 1996
"Turkish Citizen Apologizes For The Genocide"

Selcuk Tezgul writes, "Thus began one of the most treacherous and insidious genocides in history. It was planned entirely by Turkish statesmen and leaders and was carried out by Turkish soldiers hand in hand with their people ...even by the Turkish neighbors of the Armenians ...and systematically completed within a year. Armenians were annihilated in front of Western diplomats in Turkey. The historical records of this genocide are held in various foreign embassies."

Jerusalem, October 11,1996
"Israeli Scholar Enlightened By Dadrian's Book"

Avi Antmann, responding to Vahakn N. Dadrian's most recent volume, German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide; A Review of the Historical Evidence of German Complicity, said "even the universal giants championing not help but be shocked and terrified in face of the accounts narrating the details of the Armenian tragedy."

London, October 10, 1996
"Queen Elizabeth Unveils Memorial Stone At Westminster Abbey"

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip attended the unveiling of the memorial stone remembering all the innocent victims of war, oppression and violence. A survivor of the Armenian Genocide from Hadjin, Yervand Shekerdemian (brother of Mesrob Shekherdemian, a commander in the army), was invited to the ceremony.

Montreal, June 13, 1997
"German Professor Apologizes To Armenians for Germany's Role"

In response to Vahakn Dadrian's lecture on "The German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide," Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn said, "You all know that we Germans have acknowledged our responsibility for the crimes perpetrated by the Nazis. But we have been silent about our responsibility in a previous genocide that was committed against the Armenians... Please accept on behalf of my people my deep sorrow, and rest assured that I will do everything in my power to disseminate in Germany the truth about this fact."