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Margaret C. Tellalian-Kyrkostas received her B.A. in Anthropology from Queens College, CONY graduating Magna Cum Laude, and her M.A in Physical Anthropology from New York University in 1980. As a graduate student she has done field research in Greece and Kenya, focusing on the study of Miocene hominoids and modern orangutans, and has published several significant papers on the subject. Kyrkostas has also participated in archaeological digs on the island Santorini (Thera) in Greece and a Roman cemetery in Dorchester, England.

In 1978, with the encouragement and support of Margaret Mead, she founded The Anthropology Museum of the People of New York and is presently Executive Director of the all volunteer traveling museum. She has periodically taught the Human Evolution, Archaeology and Museum Anthropology courses at Queens College as an adjunct lecturer.

Kyrkostas was born in New York City to Armenian parents who were immigrants from Kayseri (Anatolia), raised in Astoria, Queens, and loves the crisp climate of the New York Metropolitanarea winters. She plays doubles tennis, loves to cook, write and is committed to promoting understanding of cultural diversity as well as ethnic self-esteem, through the study of anthropology. Kyrkostas and her husband Theodore reside in Little Neck, Queens New York, near the Nassau County border. They are the parents of three adult children: Theo, a massage therapist; Mark, a composer/pianist who is deceased, and Peggy, an English as a Second Language (ESL), Program Director. They have four grandchildren: Samantha, Calvin, Timmy and Ani.

The Anthropology Museum of the People of New York

Founding Members

Margaret Mead
Margaret Tellalian-Kyrkostas

Board of Trustees

Henry Jacoby

Theodore Kyrkostas

Stanley Meltzer

Helen Wegner

Theodore Kyrkostas


Jackie Arslan
Shah Arslan
Mary Filou
Joan Harris
Doris Jacoby
Edward D. Jamie
Sujit Ramchand

Executive Director
Magaret C.T. Kyrkostas

Legal Counsel
Morton Alpert

Advisory Council

Edward Adams
Zeppy Andreasian
Dotty Belferman
Ron C. Cannava
Stephanie Goldson
Myra Goodman
Beatrice Babaian Issa
Clifford J. Jolly
Michael Kehyaian
George Kevorkian
Sandee Kotler
Robert Kwarta
Anahid Manoogian
Helen Maragakes
George Martakis
Elena Peters
Suzanna Simor
Alice Pisciotta
Gus Vergos

Honorary Trustees

Richard E. Leakey

Hon. John Brademas
Patricia Bridges
Hon. Geraldine Ferraro
Hon. Rudolph Giuliani
Aida Gonzalez
James N. Jordon
Gov. George Patacki
Allen Lee Sessoms
Hon. Claire Shulman
Hon. Peter Vallone

"The World Events Comparative Timeline" Poster Order Information

As part of the "Armenia: Memories From My Home" exhibit, a 61/2'x12' "World Events Comparative Timeline" was on display, covering the period from 9000 BCE to the present. This Timeline is now available in poster form, consisting of two parts, each approximately 27"x17" (part 1: 9000 BCE to 001 BCE. and part 2: 001CE to 2000 CE). The Timeline set including shipping and handling is $24 and can be ordered by mailing a check to: The Anthropology Museum of the People of New York, PH 234, Queens College, Flushing, New York, 11367. Please include name, address and telephone number or call 718-428-5650 to place volume orders (10 or more).