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General Antranig, The Armenian Leader

AntranigGeneral Antranig is worshiped by his countrymen for his heroic fighting in their defense against the Turks. During the first two years of W.W.I, he organized seven Armenian battalions which formed the backbone of as many Russian divisions, each taking part in from thirty to forty battles against the Turks. After the Russian revolution these Armenian troops, left alone in Turkish Armenia, mobilized 25,000 soldiers fMarriagerom the refugees and for three months in continuous battle kept the Turks out of the Caucasus. Later in Persia these same ragged, starving soldiers under General Antranig fought another hard campaign against the Turks. (The Independent, March 27, 1920, p. 467).

On May 15, 1922 in Paris, General Antranig Ozanian married Nevarte Kurkjian.The best man was Boghos Nubar Pasha. The marriage was arranged by the General's sister Nazeli.

General Antranig, the Lion of Taron's Highlands

SwordOn the occasion of General Antranig's visit to Cairo in 1920, the AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union) proposed to present General Antranig with a commemorative sword forged in gold, encrusted with diamonds and jewels.
Garabed Arifian, a master goldsmith, born in 1868 in Egin (Agin or Akn), Turkey (near Harpoot) was commissioned to design and make the sword. Nubar Arifian, Garabed's son, reproduced the rendering on the left from his father's original sketch.

Left: Hilt and scabbard of General Antranig's sword made by Garabed Arifian in Cairo, 1920.

Garabed and Nubar Arifian

Above: Right: Garabed (left) and Nubar (right) Arifian

UniformDisplaying Sword

Left to Right: General Antranig in uniform; General Antranig displays sword to John Mangassarian in Los Angeles.