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Judith Liberman

A comprehensive book about Judith Liberman's art was published in 2002.  It contains more than 75 illustrations and is quite useful in the classroom for both history and artistic projects.

Judith Weinshall Liberman. HOLOCAUST WALL HANGINGS. South Deerfield, MA. Schoen Books. 2002. LC 2002091156. ISBN 0-97-19027-0-4.

Artist Exhibit

General view.


Holocaust wall hangings. All hangings were produced between 1990 and 1998. Reproduced with permission of the artist.

Gypsies, Too. 67" x 84".

Gypsies, Too. Detail.

. 81" x 81".

Hands. 45" x 117".

Race Defiler. 44" x 21"

Artist's Statement

One need not be a psychologist to realize that an artist's work has deep psychological roots; the choice of subject matter is rarely a conscious one for an artist. In the final analysis, however, it is not what drives me to create the Holocaust Wall Hangings that is important. What is important is that my Holocaust work, standing on its own independently of its creator, will speak to people's hearts. What is important is that tomorrow, one year from now, ten years from now, a hundred years from now someone somewhere contemplating the work will be moved enough to look into his/her own heart and resolve to be human.

Gypsies Too is a testament to the Roma and Sinti peoples, a group perceived to be furthest on the margins of European society; they have been viewed as social and legal outcasts across Europe. During the Third Reich, as many as a million and a half members of the Roma and Sinti communities were killed on a racial basis. New evidence about this destruction has materialized even in the mid-1990's, especially at archeological excavations at the Concentration Camp Lety in the Czech Republic.

- Judith Liberman

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