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The Suschinsky Family

Documents of a Polish family taken as forced labor into Germany during World War II and into a DP camp in the aftermath of war.

Testimony from Janie Micchelli, Newton, P.A.

"My family was from a town in Poland called Horochow.  There were a large number of Polish agricultural workers taken to Germany, and a string of reception camps were set up along the old border to process workers.  By October, 1939, 115 labor administration offices had opened for business.  They issued documents and compiled records on all unemployed and employed laborers.  My father's siblings were left behind and someone once told me that each family had to send their eldest child to work in Germany (note: this is not entirely documented fact).  My father was the eldest in the family.  My mother was an orphan living with her uncle. She was the eldest also.  The identity card for my father lists him as a "Stateless Pole."

Father's Document:

Suschinsky (correct spelling is Susynski)
Firstname: Chipolit (correct spelling is Hipolit)
Date of Birth: 11 August, 1914 (correct date is 10 August, 1911)

fathers document afathers document b

Mother's Document:

Married name: written as Suschinska (correct is Suszynska)
First name: Feliksa
Madien name: Jakubowa (correct is Jakubowska)
Date of Birth: 03 August, 1919 (correct date is 10 October, 1920)

mothers document amothers document b

Religion of both parents were Catholic.

dad with gentleman

"My dad on the left with a gentleman he met at Camp Wildflecken."

mother with friends

"My mother on the left with some friends - Camp Wildflecken."

sisters christening

"Camp Wildflecken, February 1949. My sister's christening, mom is holding my sister in the blanket, my dad (on her left) is holding my brother. I imagine the other people must be the Godparents, with their children."

christmas celebration

"Christmas celebration, on the left is my mother holding my sister. My brother is in the back with the two stripes in his sweater. This photo is probably taken at Camp Shongau- just before we came to America."

travelling priest

Camp Wildflecken, a traveling priest came to bless the food for Easter.

parents and godparents

"Camp Wildflecken, my parents are on the left, next to them are my brother's godparents with their daughter"

dad sitting

"My dad with the cap and his hands around his knees - he used to work in the forest, so I am guessing that this was taken around Camp Wildflecken."

mom and friend

"My mom on the right with friend, this was taken at Camp Wildfrecken."

dp camp

DP Camp (name unknown).

dp camp 2

DP Camp (name unknown).

dp camp

DP Camp (name unknown).

list of persons

27 June 1944. Listing of people from the east destinations:
1-6 - Brick Plant
7-10 - Metal Shop
11-14 - Forest Workers

list of names and nationalities

List of names, birthdates, nationality, wohnort - residence, ausgeschreden am, retired, op date left. 3/4/1945.

list of people and when they stopped work

List of people and date they stopped work. List Dated June 11, 1945.

picture of bremen

Picture of Bremen, Camp Tirpitz - "Postcard my folks received from somone who was leaving for Canada, I believe this is the final camp they were at before leaving Germany, there is a sign bearing the IRO sign on the right.

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