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Roma & Sinti (Gypsies)

This is a Collection of Professor Ian Hancock, University of Texas at Austin, Reproduced with permission of Professor Hancock.

auschwitz 1995

Gypsies are not allowed to participate in the 50th anniversary commemmoration of the liberation of Auschwitz in January 1995, where thousands of Sinti and Roma were murdered in the Holocaust.

1992 arrests

German police arrest Roma for deportation back to Romania from Hamburg, Germany,1992.

nazi blood sampling

Eva Justin and Robert Ritter, medical doctors associated with sterilization and euthanasia programs in the Nazi period  taking blood sample from a Sinti.

gypsy census 1895

French Gypsies being interrogated by the police for the 1895 Gypsy Census.

wax casts

Wax castes of Romani faces, Racial Hygience Centre.

romani survivor

Romani Auschwitz survivor, with tattooed number.

auschwitz children

Text should read: Various images of Roma and Sinti children taken at Auschwitz, 1942-1944.

Mengele twins

Pairs of Romani twin girls, used in Mengele's experiments at Auschwitz. Dr. Joseph Mengele, "The Angel of Death," was trying to solve the riddle of multiple births because of the needs for more Germans to populate territories in the new Germay expaned by war against Poland and the USSR.

Sinti boy

Criminal Police Document, Sinti boy, dated 1943.

Setella Steinbach

Initially, this image was called "Unidentified Sinti girl peering from a Transport Wagon on its way to Auschwitz, 1943." Hans Vanderwerff from The Netherlands has indicated that she is not an unknown Sinti girl, rather her name is Settela Steinbach. Her name was uncovered by the journalist Aad Wagenaar around 1994, 50 years after her deportation.

The photo is taken from a film of a deportation train--from Westerbork. The extended film about Westerbork.

Her Christian name was Anna Maria Steinbach. The transport she was on brought 238 Jews to Bergen-Belsen and 208 Jews and 245 Gypsies to Auschwitz. Only. 30 Gypsies returned.

roma arrest

Czech Police Arrest Roma, 1993.

collecting data

Eva Justin Collecting anthropometric data, 1942.

sachsenhausen inmates

Gypsy inmates at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp outside Berlin.


french interrogation

Police interrogation, France.


polish interrogation

Police interrogation, Poland, 1942.

eva justin

Eva Justin making a caste of the face of a Rom, Racial Hygiene Centre.


german interrogation

German police interrogate Roma, 1928.


Mengele twins

Gypsy children at Auschwitz who were part of medical experiments. Most such experiments were "terminal."



roma sinti children

Various images of Roma and Sinti children taken at Auschwitz, 1942-1944.



A shatra or Gypsy slave village, Romania, 1850s.


Roma Wagon

Roma wagon in the Museum of Transport,
Glasgow, Scotland


Roma Wagon

Roma wagon in the Museum of Transport, Glasgow, Scotland

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