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Extermination of Roma & Sinti

Images from a temporary exhibition on the Extermination of the Roma and Sinti, "Zigeuner" according to the Nazi definitions, from Sachenhausen Concentration Camp, Oranienburg, outside Berlin, Summer, 2002

The Roma and Sinti (Gypsies) were first identified as "asocials" and then as a "race.

The first image identifies the structure of the SS led by Himmler that was in charge of the first destruction of the Roma and Sinti. The section on "race hygiene" led by Dr. Ritter was responsible for the designation of the Roma/Sinti as a "race." Categories of "half" gypsies were established similar to half-categories for Jews under the Nuremberg Law, 1935.

Image 5 (third row on the left) shows a frequently misidentified photograph of a Roma girl being deported from Westerbork Concentration Camp in the Netherlands.

Image 9 (fifth row on the left) shows areas in parks and public areas that were off limits to "Gypsies," much like the exclusion of Jews from public life by specific German laws.

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German World War II photographs of Gypsies

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