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Documents on Native American Genocide

Materials compiled and presented courtesy of:

James Craven
Professor and Consultant, Economics
Clark College, 1800 E. McLoughlin Blvd.
Vancouver, WA. 98663
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Judicial Findings From the Inter-Tribal Tribunal on Residential Schools in Canada (Held June 12-14, 1998 in Vancouver, B.C.). Submitted by James M. Craven, Tribunal Judge (c Copyright July 16, 1998, All Rights Reserved).

September '00: Indian Affairs Head Makes "Apology" (PDF), Comments by Eugene Johnson (Selitz) and Jim Craven (Blackfoot), from AP report by Matt Kelly.

Residential Schools—The Past is Present (PDF), Radio program with James Craven on The United Church, May 2000. Transcription.

Chronicles of Ecoimperialism: Real Whales, Real People (PDF), by James Michael Craven (Blackfoot Confederacy) (Click here for HTML version).

Paper on Blackfoot Nation (PDF).

Indictment Of The Federal Government Of The United States Of America, The Federal Government Of Canada, Designated Agencies Of The Governments Of The United States Of America And Canada, Representatives Of The British Crown And Named Churches Resident In The United States Of America And Canada, For The Commission Of International Crimes And Crimes Against Blackfoot Law, And Petition For Orders Mandating The Proscription And Dissolution Of Named International Conspiracies And Their Organizations By James M. Craven, Member And Named Prosecutor, Sovereign Blackfoot Nation (PDF).

Draft Constitution of the Blackfoot (PIIKANI) Nation (PDF).