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Genocide in Our Time

Photos of Darfur Refugees from Dr. Eric Markusen, Professor of Sociology, Southwest State University at Marshall (MN) and Director of Research for the Danish Centre for Genocide Studies, Copenhagen.

As Director of Research for the Centre for Genocide Studies in Copenhagen, Dr. Markusen travels prequently to places where genocide  has occurred or refugee problems have developed. His collection of data has been important as evidence in post-genocide trials. In July 2004, Markusen visited Chad to document the refugee situation from Darfur, Sudan. These are his images and descriptions.

in front of plane

About to fly from Abeche to Behai.

behai camp

New arrivals in Behai; they had recently crossed the border and had no place to stay.

cariari camp

One sector of Cariari camp where we did interviews.

refugees at cariari camp

Refugees at Cariari camp.

refugees at cariari camp

Refugees at Cariari camp on Chad-Sudan border

team group photo

Our team of four interviewers and four interpeters, at the end of our first full day of interviews at Cariari.

cariari camp

Area of Cariari where refugees have no tents.


One of the refugees I interviewed.

lining up for water

Lining up for water at Cariari refugee camp on Chad-Sudan border

meeting at iridimi camp

Stephane meeting with us at the Iridimi camp to discuss interviews,etc.

refugee family

One of the famlies we met at the camp.

meeting with interpretors

Meeting with our interpretors at the Iridimi camp.

team group photo

Our team of interviewers and interpreters at the end of the mission.

norwegian and danish hosts

Our Norwegian and Danish hosts (Norwegian Church Aid) in Iriba.

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