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Philatelic and Numismatic Items

Post Holocaust Europe - Set 4

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Holocaust Document Schutzpass Palestine Lutz

Holocaust Document Swiss Embassy Palestine Emigration Karl Lutz 1944
This very rare Holocaust document, Schutzpass was issued to Fischer József in Oct 1944 in Budapest, Hungary. Issued by the Alien Interest Representation Department of the Swiss Embassy.

It is in German, certifies that the owner is confirmed on the official list for emigration to Palestine (Palästina).

Issued in Budapest, 9 October 1944

Stamped Signature of Karl Lutz vizekonsul (vice consul), the Swiss diplomat who together with Raoul Wallenberg has saved many Jewish lives during the Hungarian Holocaust.

Round red stamping - Schweizerische Gesandtschaft, Budapest

scutzpass detail
schutzpass detail

Holocaust Document Schutzpass 1944 Hungary

Holocaust Document Schutzpass Swiss Embassy Protective Certificate 1944
This is a very rare and important Holocaust document, original Schutzpass of Fischer József from 1944 Budapest. They were issued by the Swiss Embassy Alien Interest Representation, Emigration Department.

It is in Hungarian and German, on fine watermarked Japan paper. Round red stamping - Legation de Suisse, Budapest Issued in Budapest, 23 October, 1944.

These rare documents have saved many lives during the Holocaust in Hungary as they have certified that the owner has valid Swiss passport and hence considered a Swiss citizen under protection. Raoul Wallenberg and Karl Lutz Swiss diplomats have played a key role in saving lives from the Nazi and Hungarian ultra-nationalist terror.

schweizerisce schutzpass
schweizerisce schutzpass

"We Remember", 1998

we remember medalThe Vatican has been active in trying the heal the wounds of the Holocaust. The most important docuemnt is "We Remember" from 1998. The front shows Pope John Paul II in a gesture of reconciliation with the Jewish people for the failure of Christians to see the evil in Nazism, dated 5759 on the Jewish Calendar, 1999 Gregorian calendar. The reverse side shows Jerusalem, "Commemoration of the Shoah, 1999" at the bottom and indicates the commemorative medal was struck by the Nissenbaum Foundation. The medal was apparently commissioned by the Nissenbaum Family.

lithuania holocaust day cover

Lithuanian First Day cover commemorating remembrance on Genocide on territory of Lithuania, 1942-1992

Uprising in Sobibor Death Camp souvenirUprising in Sobibor Death Camp souvenir

Philatelic Souvenir issued in Poland to commemorate 52nd Anniversary of the Uprising in Sobibor Death Camp. Depicting memorial monument at the sight. The back side depicting an Hebrew commemorative plaque found on the monument with a brief description of the Heroic Uprising. Cancelled with special cachet FDC & cancellation .

souvenir leaf

Souvenir Leaf issued in Poland to commemorate 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Treblinka Death Camp. Depicting memorial monuments at the sight .

souvenir leaf

Scarce philatelic souvenir issued in Poland in memory of Tomashov victims. Depicting the old Jewish Cemetary in Tomashov and Holocaust memorial monuments at the sight.